About Owners Club West Coast

The Owners Club - West Coast (The OC) is offering to a limited amount of clients a climate controlled and secure facility to store, work on or maintain your classic, hot rod, sports car, off road vehicle or motorcycle. You have a choice of membership which, for the Platinum category includes an indoor and fully enclosed and lockable garage space with enough room for two medium-sized cars or trucks as well as a motorcycle. For those that simply want a secure and enclosed space for a single car or truck and motorcycle, we offer the Silver category. For the budget conscious, The OC offers many other membership categories, ranging from partially enclosed to what we call, “Shop Floor” storage. Still safe and secure, just not your own enclosed work area.

What makes the OC different from any other indoor storage facility is that with your membership, The Owners Club offers you access to a clubhouse with high speed wifi, satellite TV, as well as food and refreshments. What’s more, there is a full detailing station with The Owners Club's very own branded detailing supplies, which are truly the best performing products available today. The OC is a place to spend the day hanging out with your vehicle, any family or friends you let near that ride, all while being able to network with other like-minded and truly awesome members.

Every member is interviewed and fully vetted to reduce risk.

Call or email us with any questions or click the Membership Request button to start the short application to reserve your spot!